Connexus, located in Portland, OR, manufactures and distributes items such as lasers, chains, dumpsters, metal detectors, lubricants and sprockets. Harrell Machinery has been using their Helium Neon (HeNe) lasers since 1994 for our Laser Square bow and skew measurement device. The Laser Square and Laser Qube are designed to measure pattern distortion at inspection alleys, cut order tables and re-work tables. Single lasers can be used for visual alignment throughout the manufacturing process.

We offer the following Connexus laser products:

Laser Square

Two GTD green lasers mounted at a right angle to check for bow and skew.

Laser Qube

A third Blaster 77 HeNe is mounted on linear bearings to produce a movable line parallel to a fixed line across the carpet. Operators use a pointer and scale to determine bow and skew.

Laser Blazer Linemaker

High power 15mW, Helium Neon, laser linemaker single tube. 118 – Laser Blazer Linemaker

Laser Blazer Diode Lasers

Small diode lasers available in 3 to 35mW red or 10 to 30mW green. Both are available in a dot or line projection. 120 – Laser Blazer 9400 Series Brochure

Laser Blazer Green Diode Lasers

Diode lasers in highly visible green in dot or line projection are available in 10 to 30mW green. 079B – Laser Blazer green laser – 10 and 30

Rolling stand for Laser Square or Laser Qube

Our rolling stand has 2 sets of screw bars to rotate the Laser Square or Laser Qube and shift it laterally to allow precise positioning of the laser beams. We use sturdy, steel tube construction. One set of fixed casters and one set of swivel casters.

Swing Arm Mount

Our swing arm TV type mount has two, 16″ arms, with a plate on one end to hold the laser base and a bracket on the other end to attach to your fixed post. Three pivot points allow sufficient movement to handle 12′ and 15′ carpet.