Tuftco PVC Tile Production Line, Year 2004. WS2575

Tuftco Finishing Systems Production Line, Year 2004, from sew-on to finished roll packaging:

  • Belted tufted roll supply table
  • Heavy duty guided unroll cradle
  • TISI rail, Butt Seamer and cutter
  • Overhead rollers
  • Entrance J-scray
  • Pre-coat coating station
  • Pre-coat curing area with Glenro electric infrared heaters and steam heated drum
  • Overhead carrier rollers
  • Tuftco belted entrance to Tuftco curing line
  • Secondary let off for fiberglass
  • Mid-coat coating station with fiberglass insertion
  • Final coating station with marriage area for carpet to PVC coatings
  • Tuftco curing steam oven with heated platens
  • Tuftco cooling section with chilled platens, cooling area covered with exhaust hood
  • TISI selvage trimmers
  • Topical applicator station
  • Tuftco gas fired 2 zone drying oven for topicals
  • Jet A Mark back printing system
  • Exit j-box
  • Inspection floor
  • Heavy duty three-roll rollup
  • Heavy duty three-roll packaging rollup
  • Note: Danfoss drives, AB plc
  • New spare Teflon belt
  • Other misc spare parts

All equipment is subject to prior sale.