Tuftco 2 meter PVC Carpet Tile Line. WS5002

2 Meter Tuftco PVC Tile Line. Year 2002. Complete with Schoen cutting press and B&J beveling line. Includes staging table, unroll cradle, sew-on, J-Box, Mahlo straightener, Pre-Coat station, Glenco IR heaters and steam heated drum, Mid-coat station with fiberglass insertion, Final coating, Tuftco curing oven with heated platens, Tuftco cooling section, TISI trimmers, 3 roll rollup and packaging rollup. Schoen 2050 hydraulic press with die shifting and rotation capabilities, vacuum infeed, exit acceleration belts, several dies. B&J beveling line for 24 inch tiles. Beveling line for 1 meter tiles. Price upon request. WS5002


All equipment is subject to prior sale.