Unisorb V-100 Epoxy Grout, WS5100

Unisorb Standard V-100 two-component epoxy resin system, offering excellent flowability, high resistance to impact and extremely rapid cure.  Standard V-100 is a perfect choice for grouting machine bases, setting anchor bolts, setting leveling wedges, setting sole plates and repairing deteriorating foundations.

Standard V-100 is packaged in a kit with the base resin packed in an oversized container large enough for mixing.  After mixing for 2-3 minutes, a 15 minute working time remains for placement.

Compression strength in 6 hrs is 9,000 psi.  7 days is 16,500 psi.

We keep 22# kits in stock.  Yield per kit is 363 cubic inches.

All equipment is subject to prior sale.

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